Upper Darby, Philadelphia, Manhattan & The World mourns Sylvia Kauders Actress & Former PR Guru

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Upper Darby, Philadelphia, Manhattan & The World mourns Sylvia Kauders Actress & Former PR Guru

Sunday ,May 15th at 7 pm & 1 am & Monday May 16th at 7 am & 1 pm on Channel 21 on Radnor Studio TV

Sylvia Kauder’s last interview was on Ciao Bella Living Italian Style. Filmed a week before she passed, she was full of zest for life and will very much be missed !! We had the honor of welcoming her to the set of Ciao Bella Living Italian Style for a wonderful 30 minute interview. Why was Sylvia on an “Italian” focused show? Knowing her for years, I was amazed at her roles in so many Italian films and with a recurring part on the Soprano’s. All after she retired, what retirement? Jewish or Italian relatives, many of us know the similarities, she played both exceptionally well.  Special thanks to Sandee Bengel, Production Associate for her efforts to transport her, she had the experience of lifetime with Sylvia as her passenger. We will post the YouTube video with pride to a woman who kept reinventing herself all through life and never ‘retired’. Now, R.I.P.Sylvia Kauders


Radnor Studio 21, Public Access Station with limited access throughout Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County is available on Local Origination Channel 21 on Comcast & Verizon. RadnorStudio The episode will appear shortly, archived on Radnor Studio 21 YouTube Channel where anyone around the world can view it shortly after airing on Radnor Studio 21.


On a Personal Note….

The first thing I did when I started ARTEMIS Productions in 1981 was join PPRA so I could be listed in a professional directory with those in a similar field and for once, be at the beginning of the alphabet listings.

The first person I meet who welcomed me to the club was Sylvia Kauders.  Little did I know what power was packed in that under 5 foot frame. I was amazed with her as a late life actress, her pr credentials with her posse was unbelievable. She worked for 5 mayors let alone got every state governor in the country to attend a Philadelphia event with President Kennedy.  Like Event Guru’s Frank Videon in Newtown Square and the infamous 69th Street Events where she grew up,  Sylvia was Philadelphia’s PR guru, there was no one before her.

RIP Actress & Former PR Guru Sylvia Kauders

RIP Actress & Former PR Guru Sylvia Kauders


She started with humble beginnings in Upper Darby and has appeared all over the World ! THANK YOU Sylvia for welcoming me to the industry back in the 1980’s with PPRA Philadelphia Public Relations Association.  When the Directory was released, those days in print, I rushed to the first page of the membership listings, only to realize the club listed the members by their last name first.  I’ll always have the last name tag on the table. !

Ciao Bella Living Italian Style Facebook Page photo album of Sylvia visiting the set.



From CBS Philadelphia to the New York Times Here are some of the links highlighting her amazing career


Published By

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia acting community lost a giant this weekend, even though she was barely five feet tall. Sylvia Kauders never took no for an answer. She had multiple careers, working for years in public relations at City Hall in Philadelphia, hosting a local TV show, ‘Under Billy Penn’s Hat.’ But then she decided to switch careers and turned to acting. Kauders got a lot of “no’s” but managed to turn those “no’s” into “yeses” as she started to land big and small roles, first on Broadway, then in films for directors like Woody Allen, and recently the Cohen Brothers fell in love with this little lady with a big attitude. This Upper Darby native stood maybe five feet tall but she packed a big punch that served her well as she served local actors and broadcasters as a board member for their local performers union. Kauders was a member of Philadelphia’s Broadcast Pioneers, served on committees for the Screen Actors Guild that pressured producers to write parts for seasoned citizens, especially women. Kauders wouldn’t want tears; applause maybe, but not tears. Kauders, dead at the age of…well, actually she never told her age. To her it wasn’t important. What was important was following your dreams despite your age. Let’s just leave it at that. She had a long and successful life and career.

Video Compilation by long time friend Jerry Klein of many of Sylvia’s work on film, commercials, television shows, what a treasure ! https://youtu.be/hAF7-tp-Tsk
Broadcast Pioneer Profile on Sylvia Kaudershttp://broadcastpioneers.com/bp10/sylviakauders.html
Statement from the Philadelphia Public Relations Association President on the Passing of Sylvia Kauders We learned today about the passing of Philadelphia Public Relations Association leader Sylvia Kauders, who also is our longest-standing member, past president, Hall of Fame inductee and dear friend. Sylvia has been an integral part of PPRA since it’s inception. Sylvia was PPRA president in 1972-1973 and was inducted in our prestigious Hall of Fame in 1976. In fact, the PPRA Hall of Fame was founded under her presidency in 1972. For nearly 60 years, she has served as a leader, advisor, mentor and friend to many of our members. Sylvia has remained actively involved on PPRA’s Board of Governors and most recently has served as one of the three 2015-2016 past president appointments. In December, we honored her as one of the first recipients of our 50-Year Club, that we branded in her name. Sylvia lived a long, interesting and fruitful life and PPRA always remained a very big part of it. Sylvia Kauders will be deeply missed by many and will not be forgotten, as her legacy will continue to live on through PPRA. We will share details about services or other arrangements when that information is available. In the meantime, here is a look at Sylvia’s greatest moments on screen.

Sylvia Kauders, Late-Blooming Actress Who Found Her Niche, Dies


Catch up on Ciao Bella Living Italian Style past episodes at https://lnkd.in/b2Z3wqh


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