Enjoy Mother’s Day with Elisa Constantini’s love story…

Enjoy this Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016 with Elisa Constantini’s love story…

Tune in this Sunday at 7pm & 1am and Monday 7am & 1pm on Channel 21

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If not, stay tuned it will soon be on YouTube.

Ciao Bella Living Italian Style's photo.Before meeting Elisa, I knew her husband Frank Constantini – A Master Craftsman with stone and brick, a skill from his homeland in Abruzzo region of Italy, a kind man, a gentle man, and someone you could count on. I once said, “Francesco, how can I have Bocci games on the grass at Rose Tree Park, and with no other discussion, he made my dream come true one day soon after.

Todays she’s a guest on Ciao Bella Living Italian Style honoring their life’s love story after his passing. Together over 50 years, she was lost without him. This cookbook is her love story to him. Traditional recipes to pass on to their grandchildren.

Ciao Bella Living Italian Style's photo.

This episode takes you all around the World, From Italy, to America with an intersession in China, yes China, where Frank, Jr was living with his family and how the world becomes smaller everyday through the magic of technology and social media.

Ciao Bella Living Italian Style's photo.

In the Italian tradition, the most important ingredient is love. And, Italian and even Italian American woman today are taught that heart of the family is in the meals we make and share together. Listen to how this family lives on today.

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